Did You Know?

Some things that you might not know:
  • The money you spend using a good qualified dentist could be saved on your annual feed bill.
  • Most horses should receive 6 monthly checks and routine maintenance. 
  • Your horses teeth grow between 2-4mm each year.
  • All foals are born with 12 teeth called pre-molars
  • Teeth start to grow when the foal is just 6 days old.
  • Your horse will shed and replace 24 teeth between the age of 2 1/2 and 5 years old.  Also 12 new teeth will grow. 

  • All horses should have a minimum of 36 teeth.  There should be 12 incisors, 12 pre-molars and 12 molars.  They may also have 4 canines and 4 wolf teeth.
  • When a horse reaches 18 years old his teeth will start to expire and wear out.
  • The Wolf teeth serve no useful purpose, they do not need to be removed unless they interfere with the bit or cause the horse distress.
  • Mares can get canine teeth but these are usually blind and remain below the gum line.

  • In mares canine teeth may also be a sign that they have a  hormone inbalance and possibly a high level of testosterone.  
  • Not all horses get wolf teeth which are a remnant from the prehistoric development of the horse.
  • Floating is the term used when carrying out procedures using rasps.
  • A horse with poorly maintained teeth could be eating 25% or more food each day than he actually needs.
  • Equine dental arcades are numbered in the same way as human teeth.

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