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I will carry out procedures on your horse that will not just remove the sharp points from the buccal and lingual edges of your horses teeth.  I will take away the pain and anguish caused by previous poor dentistry or neglect.  

By balancing the teeth arcades we will ensure that your horse is more relaxed and comfortable in their mouth so that they can eat better and are able to work and perform better for you.  I will always be calm and patient with your horse and treat them with the respect they deserve and should they have any emotional or behavioural problems we can help them and you to accept and overcome these difficulties by using Bach Flower Remedies.  As an instructor and horse trainer, I will try and help you with schooling and riding problems, especially if you have any confidence issues.

I have passed the bitting analyst course with Neu Schule so I can also advise you on bitting issues and selection.


Your horse and its welfare are always going to be my first priority but I have a large client list and most of my appointments are booked 6-8 weeks in advance, but I do allow some time each week for emergencies so I hope you will not be kept waiting too long for an appointment.  I will always do my best to fit in with your requirements early or late I will be there when you need me.  The area I now cover is approximately 20 miles West of the A1 from the M62, East across to the coast and then North.  I cover Yorkshire, County Durham and Northumberland.  I travel to Scotland twice each year visiting the borders, East, Mid and West Lothian areas, so I spend a lot of time on the road visiting clients.    

Routine Maintainence Procedures
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Routine maintainence involves providing information and carrying out the procedures as listed below.  If your horse has received good dental care on a regular basis from a fully trained and certified specialist who is listed on the WWAED or BAEDT websites, it should be all that your horse requires.  If your dentist or vet is not on this list then more advanced work may be required. 

  • Owner education.
  • Correct ageing of your horse.
  • Remove deciduous caps (baby teeth).
  • Reduced sharp points from upper buccal and lower lingual cusps.
  • Reduce transverse ridging (level 2 certified practitioners only).
  • Balance the arcades (level 2 certified practitioners only).
  • Remove tartar from teeth.
  • Suggest maintenance schedule and check up date.

Advanced Corrective Procedures

In accordance with the Veterinary Surgeons Act of 1966 and the Animal Welfare Act 2006 only level 2 certified practitioners and vets can carry out advanced corrective dental procedures on your horse.  These include any work that is carried out on the occlusial surface (chewing suface) of the teeth.

  • Stepped mouth.
  • Wave.
  • Re-alignment of incisors.
  • Extaction of mobile teeth with limited periodontal attachment.
  • Extaction of wolf teeth. 
  • Reduction of excessive tansverse ridging (ETR).
  • Balancing of arcades.

Teeth extracted during corrective procedures
Image 1

Top:  Wolf teeth removed from horses ranging from 2 to 18 years of age


Centre:  A deciduous cap from a 3 year old, an expired No 9 molar from a 23 year old and an incisor from a 6 year old.  


Bottom:  Deciduous incisor caps and fragments removed from horses between 3-5 years of age.


 As of 01 Jan 2018 the following charges will apply. 

  • Routine maintainence £54 per horse. Please read desciption under 'services routine maintainence'
  • Advanced procedures £60-£100.  Please read description under 'services advanced procedures'
  • Cancellation fee minimum £30.  Should the customer cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice then the cancellation fee will be charged.  If the customer does not show up for an appointment that they have acknowledged and confirmed then the customer will be charged the full price of the visit for routine maintenance £54 as it is impossible to fill this appointment slot on such short notice. See Terms and Conditions para 5.


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