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Bach Flower Remedies

In 2003 I was given a book called ''Emotional healing for horses and ponies'' I read this book and thought if these remedies really do work they will change every problem horse I am asked to work with.  I had just taken on a mare with a lot of problems, so I spent a couple of hours assessing her and thinking about the emotional trauma she had been through and the negative feelings that she now had and displayed.   

She had a number of problems both in and out of the stable.  She never seemed to relax and switch off, the farrier always had problems with her and she was far from being an easy ride.  I gave her 5 different remedies over a period of 4 weeks.  The remedies totally changed her attitude and she became a much calmer and better natured horse.  The farrier was so impressed that on his next visit he hot shod her and she was perfect for him.  I was amazed with the changes in her so much that I went on a number of courses to learn all about flower remedies and how they help to acheive and maintain emotional harmony and am now a qualified Advanced Practioner.

Using Bach flower remedies and other flower essences I have helped many people to achieve a much happier relationship with their horse and other pets. 

Bach Flower Remedies are totally natural, holistic treatments that are used to combat the effects of negative emotions and bring the patient back into emotional harmony by helping the patient to overcome negative feelings.  If the mind is calm and healthy then the body will follow the same path. 

How and Why?

Unless you are lucky enough to know everything about the history of your horse or pet there may be something about their past that is causing them distress and both of you problems.  If you, your horse or other pets are suffering from anything that can be associated with negative emotions, then it will be worth the effort to use my contact link and we can have a chat about making things much better for both of you. 

The 7 Negative Emotional States

Many people already use ''Rescue Remedy'' to help them cope with the stress of their daily lives or when something new and worrying comes along like a competition or making a presentation.  There are actually 38 different remedies, which work on the 7 negative emotional states that everyone of us has had some experience of: 

  • Fear
  • Uncertainity
  • Lack of interest in present circumstances
  • Lonliness
  • Oversensitive to the ideas and influence of other people
  • Despair and despondancy
  • Overprotective towards others 

The remedies can be mixed together using a combination of up to 7 remedies to bring the patient back to emotional harmony and balance.   Nobody knows your horse better than you, so I will have to ask you a lot of questions and together we will then be able to work out what remedies are needed to help your horse to overcome their problems, worries and fears. 

You should inform your vet if you are considering using any form of alternative therapies for your animals.

Case Study

H'' is a rescued TB that has recently been re-homed.  I was asked by his new owner if I would carry out a dental inspection on him.  I had a look at him and he told me that he was really afraid and was starting to panic and I knew there was no way he was going to let me work on him un-sedated so I didn''t even get the inspection started. 

As a rescue case there was a strong possibility that some time in his past he had been badly mistreated and  I  suspected that he was still clinging to the shock and fear from that  experience.  I suggetsted that he was given a course of remedies for a few weeks and then see how he got on. 

This is an extract from the latest email concerning his progress.

"Hi Kevin, I kept ''H'' on the Star of Bethlehem as advised and he is much better.  He is much more confident, just last night I managed a calm ride along the beach and even walked back in the water which is something we have never managed before and a ride along the beach used to have him frothing at the mouth and sweating even in winter.  Also I have the Rescue Remedy for situations that I think they might find stressful.  R''s horse had to be returned to the dealer due to lameness and would not load into the trailer so I organised a lorry for the following day, gave her some rescue remedy and she walked up the ramp like a lamb." (ST Scotland)

Four weeks later I went back to see ''H'' and I was very happy to find that I was looking at a totally different horse.  His owner had got some sedation from her vet so that we could work on his teeth.  I was so impressed in how his whole emotional make up had changed that I wanted to try and do the inspection without the sedation.  Not only did I do the inspection but I also did all the dental work required without  any problems.  He stood calmly for me for 45 minutes allowing me to work on him without any stress or worry.

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