Warning Signs

The following is a list of warning signs that your horse may have a problem that requires dental treatment:
  • Lack of Condition.                     
  • Problems with fitting the bit and bridle
  • Large particles of feed in droppings
  • Head tossing when ridden           
  • Rearing when ridden



  • Taking hold of the bit and lack of control
  • Cheeks sensivitive to touch
  • Bad breath from mouth or nostrils
  • Eating hay before hard feeds
  • High head carriage
  • Avoiding contact with the bit

  • Irregular movement of lower jaw
  • Discharge from the eye, nose or jaw
  • Soft tissue injuries to the mouth
  • Dropping or dribbling food when eating
  • Bad attitude and head shy 

Image 1
  • Unable to chew food correctly   
  •  Rushing or quidding of feed
  • Sores on lips, cheeks and the inside of the mouth
  • Dunking hay in water
  • Excessive drooling and salivation 

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