Straight From The Horses Mouth (Well Almost!!)

Hi it's Laura (with molly).  Just to let you know we have just been to Mollyand she is like a totally different horse.  She's dropped no hay overnight and enjoyed eating her full hay net. she's now out in the sunshine enjoying more hay.  She seems much happier and calmer too.  Thank you so much.


He is like a different horse and is feeling full of it as is being a bit cheeky to ride however if that means he healthy and well I couldn't care less about him being a bit cheeky to ride! Thank you so much I can't thank you enough for your amazing work.

Both horses are now taking time to eat there tea, Strathy (bay) would take hours to eat his tea and now is eating it within a reasonable time and enjoying it a lot more and Rambo (grey) used to fight and throw it around and finish within seconds however now take a lot longer to eat and is a lot calmer when eating and chewing it properly both horses are very happy. 

Ellie Wilkinson


Hello Kevin, Thank you so much for seeing Prince at such short notice.I'm very pleased with the work you have done for him and how much more relaxed he was.  

Best Regards





Hi Kevin,
Thank you so much for yesterday and sorting Tixie out for me. It was very interesting and  I was amazed about all the stuff you knew that was going on with her...........and probably all down to her teeth......... I feel so guilty now!! Hopefully we can start seeing an improvement and we both grow from strength to strength!!
Thanks for the report and I confirm that I have transferred your fee over today.
I look forward to seeing you again in December.
Kind Regards
Carol Emmerson



Heyup Kev,

Not that you need anymore amazing reviews but here goes!
Book your horse to see Kevin!
He has an amazing aura about him who even calm's down my boisterous 3yo son!
My horse and pony really like him and even though my pony puts in a little rear  Kev doesnt react at all like the other dentists have done in the past.
I have used Kevin 3x now he is always on time, never in a rush, and even came to check my veteran over when I was worried about his lack of chewing at that time free of charge!
I recommended him to my freinds and both had him to their horses yesterday, both mares who normally have sedation, no sedation used when amazing Kev arrived!
He has also helped me with my anxiety issues, just wish I still had my hormonal mare who I sold as with Kevs help she would now be a content safe mare.
Craziest review you have had yet!!!
Thankyou Kev
Kirby, Jason and Beany ?


Hi Kevin 

Just wanted to say thank you for fantastic service with my 2 horses at Feltonfence. You were so good, especially with Travis who as you said, had never met an equine dentist before. 

Thank you for taking the time to explain things to me, and for the reports. I never want to have any other dentist to look after my horses teeth. 

See you in September

Lucy Tobias



I wanted to thank you again for your professionalism and more importantly your wonderful manner with the horses. I feel so fortunate that I have found you and my horses are definitely appreciative of your care, so THANK YOU,

Samantha Keating


Hi Kevin,

I just wanted to let you know since your visit,  I have noticed a change in Cracker, she is more consistant in her way of going. Still has tons of attitude but at least I now know why she is the way she is!

Thank you again for taking the time to explain things to me and also for the patient way you dealt with her.


Laura Hamilton



Hi Kevin

It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday and I am over the moon with the work that you did on our boys so much so that I posted on my facebook this morning (see below), we will look forward to seeing you later in the year.

Kind regards

Kevin Hallett Equine Dental Technician came to do our boys yesterday for the first time and I could not recommend this man more highly. He had to do some VERY invasive treatment on poor Smartie due to hooks on his back teeth and to my utter amazement he did it all with out using any sedation! Anyone who knows Smartie Pants will understand what a big deal this is. Now all three boys are on the right dental track..... so check out his page on Google it's the best move you will ever make for your horses well being!

Nikki Usher


Dear Kevin,

Thank you so much for today!  I am still trying to figure out what it is you do that makes equine dentistry not only bearable for the horse, but seemingly quite pleasurable.

My previous experience is that horses at very best tolerate dentistry but more usually are fearful of it.  I couldn't believe my own eyes today when I watched my often anxious mare not only stand peacefully while you did her teeth, but actually follow you to get closer every time you moved away to clean your equipment!!  It was quite extraordinary and a joy to see.  It also allayed any anxiety I may have had about her or my other horses having the treatment they need.  I couldn't recommend you highly enough to anyone who needs an equine dentist!! Thank you.

Jo Clarke.


Hi Kevin,

It's Kim here (with the chestnut horse, Morgan, that you treated last night just outside of York). I just wanted to let you know what a MASSIVE difference you have made to myself and Morgan. I have ridden him today and he is noticeable lighter on the forehand. This is so important to me because I have problems with my spine, neck and shoulders, so when he leans on me it can have some fairly unpleasant long term results.

He can bend his head to the right now (previously he had told me this was not possible), he didn't resist when I picked him up from free walk on a long rein (we ALWAYS get marked down for resistance), he has stopped head tilting (which I know for a fact he has done for over 3 years), his neck wasn't tense and there was no hanging off the right rein and powering off in a silly medium trot. As a result, he even felt freer and "swingier" through his back and better balanced - I'm not sure how you have managed to achieve that!!

When I got on him today I told myself to expect no change for the better, so that I wouldn't be disappointed. However, I can absolutely hand on heart say that I have noticed a huge difference today and that can only be due to you, as he has routinely done all of the unpleasant things listed above for some time now. It's the best investment I have ever made in him and I just wish I had done it sooner for his sake.

Finally (as I'm conscious that I have managed to turn this into a thesis) I just wanted to thank you for all the time you took to explain things to me and for all the knowledge you shared - so many professionals in every walk of life are reluctant to share precious information, so it was much appreciated. I almost wish I could follow you round for a day just to learn stuff! You obviously love what you do for a living and I hope that your enthusiasm continues for many years as I am sure that to a large degree that is what makes you so good at what you do.

Kim & Morgan.




Thank you for your patience and kindness shown to Ollie today, being a youngster it is vital he only gets good experiences and this is just what he got with you, he went back into the field and settled to graze immeadiatly, he definatly enjoyed the experience and I am one happy horse owner.
Oh and thanks for the teeth, they are now sitting proudly in my car, I may get them gold plated, lol.
Seriously, you did a fantastic job, my horse is happy and I am happy, thank you again.


Teri Bower.


Hi Kevin. Just wanted to say a huge thank you for doing Arnie i have never known him to be so calm, and well behaved you truely have the "magic" touch, I would highly recommend you to anyone if you can tame the beast as we call him you can do anything, and im sure he will be looking forward to his next visit from you thank you so much

Sam Lindsay.




Hi Kevin

I just wanted to thank you for being so kind and patient with my girls yesterday; I was quite worried about it all, having had a bad experience before with Rhia, but you were really great and I am grateful. Of course I now feel very bad at not having had them seen sooner, but thats my problem!

Sophie was still finding it all very strange last night when I fed her, and she kept spitting it back out. However, when I gave her some carrots she suddenly felt ok to chew those, so my husband said her ploy worked perfectly! Rhia is eating like she has never seen food!

thanks once again. I will recommend you to anyone I know who has horses. See you in 6 months time

Jill Moore.


 Hi kevin. Just want to thank u 4 spending time with tino and merlin 2day. Watching u work gives me faith in all u do. Tino ate all his tea without me having to hold his bucket. And hearing u say u thort merlin was great was truly wonderful. Those horses r my world. Looking forward to seeing u again soon, alex


Alex Mortimer.


Hi Kevin

Just wanted to thank you again for making it so straight forward on 
Saturday.  I know that is how it should be but often it doesn't happen
that way! Very pleased with the result and thank you for your time and patience.

Alison Van-Dijk.



Hi Kevin

I would just like to say thank you so much for your visit and for the work you did on Phoebe today. I would never of expected in a million years that she would of allowed you to do what you did!
I am so impressed with the way she acted and how she was so calm in your presence and for the information you gave me. Thank lord for your visit! I would definitely recommend you to anyone and i look forward to seeing you again shortly!

Many Many Thanks!
Becky and Phoebe! xx.


Hi Kevin, just thought i would drop you a email to say thankyou very much for coming out quickly. Jayk is much better now from you sorting him out and is suprisingly not half as grumpy! i just wanted to thankyou on lucy's behalf she was very pleased on how professional and calm/patient you were with pippa with her being a youngster and was pleased i recommened you...see you again in july!

thanks again

Gemma Mills, Nuneaton.


 Hi Kevin,

just had to tell u the difference in Mac is amazing. He no longer attacks his feed trough and scatters it around. He calmly stands and eats now. Also, I CAN TOUCH HIS EARS!!! He no longer throws his head away from u. I am just so pleased! Thank you sooo much!

Val Whitesmith Jan.


Hi Kevin,

You came out to see my retired 28 year old horse Rupert and my 12 year old Mare, Foxy, on 7th September.  I am pleased to say that Rupert is busy chomping his way through his new veteran conditioning mix with ease!

Only one word to describe the turn around with Foxy, and that is “WOW!”  After you worked on her teeth, helped me adjust her bridle and prescribed bach remedies for her sensitive nose and lack of concentration, I gave her a few days off work to let the remedies start to work.  In the last week I have schooled her regularly, had a lesson with my instructor (who noticed how much more settled in the mouth and mind) she was!!  I finished the week by doing an affiliated dressage competition.  Foxy warmed up in the company of two other horses and never batted an eyelid – in fact I had to limit my warm up as I felt there was a chance of over working her and not having enough petrol left in the tank for the tests!  She rode two quiet prelim tests, all correct leads with 8s for free rein walks (no head tossing!), 7s for medium walks and trot, walk trot transions.  We ended up with scores of 65% in the prelim qualifier (towards the regionals) and 67.5% in the prelim non qualifier.  Foxy won both classes.  Getting placed first was a bonus as I had already said to you on your visit that all I wanted was to enjoy riding a nice steady test without all the twitching and not paying attention.  After your help we have achieved exactly this.   

I cannot thank you enough as you went further than just working on her teeth and looked at the whole picture. 

Many thanks – looking forward to your next visit.

 Allison, Foxy & Rupert. x

Allison Craggs.


Hi kevin,

just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for sorting Dinas teeth out. We were so pleased you came out so quickly, you have made a real difference for her, she's going much better is happier and more able to bend. In addition to helping dina you also helped us and were really informative and interesting. We have already reccomended you to the rest of our yard and look forward to seeing you in march. Thanks again, Ashleigh, Trev and Dina x

Ashleigh, County Durham.



Hi! Kevin,

Just wanted to say thanks for treating Warrior and bailey. The bach flower remedy you left for Bailey seems to be working.
He has been a lot more chilled since he started taking it so fingers crossed  he is going to be a lot happier in himself.
See you again soon.

Pat Jones.


Hi Kevin
So many apologies for taking a very long time to write you this email!  Thank you so much for helping Max....I can't begin to tell you what a difference it has made.  

I went for a test drive after you left and instantly his head was straight and he actually took hold of the bit....even if he was a bit strong.  Since then he has made massive progress, he now wants to move forward and work into the bridle something we have been trying for so long to encourage him to do.  He has stopped spooking at every minor thing as an evasive manoeuvre and generally much more wanting to try things rather than instantly resisting and tensing up.  But the best thing is he has practically stopped grinding his teeth and he is so much more chilled out, everyone is noticing it!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Look forward to seeing you in Feb....I know Max will be too
All the very best

Ali Lelliott, Oxord.



I'd just like to e-mail and thank you profusely for being a fantastic dentist! There is always a risk when you first use someone new but I'm so happy to see my fears were not realised. You were not only prompt, but very very helpful and explanatory to me and so so kind, calm and patient to my horse. Who by the way took an instant shine to you. 
There's not enough adjectives to describe how impressed I am as you're a credit to the profession, and I will certainly recommend you highly to anyone who is looking for a dentist.
Thank you so much.

kind regards


Cheryl Aldred.


HI Kevin, just wanted to say it was a pleasure to meet you the other day, your manner with the horses was refreshing and very impressive , in the job we do here it is always imperative that when the horses are handled it is done in a gentle, calm and timely way, many of them have come from abusive backgrounds and building trust in them can take a long time, having a professional like yourself see to some of their other needs in this patient, thoughtful way is a breath of fresh air!!

I will certainly call on your services again as soon as someone needs you, and will pass your details to everyone!

Thanks again and Curtis says a huge thanks too!

 Best Regards

 Alison Johnson (MRPCH).


Hi Kevin

I'd just like to thank you on coming out and giving my very nervous t.b. gelding the patience he needed to get his teeth done without sedation. I was blown away on how he was with you and your wealth of knowledge in all horsemanship, as were half the stable block watching.The work you done on Luke was fantastic. How Luke was communicating with you, you moved away, he came closer, he saw you as good place to be. He also learned that getting his teeth done is not a bad ordeal, i am so pleased he was given a little patience and understanding to have this experience.
I have had Luke 4yrs and he has always been sedated by vets to get his teeth done, i can assure you that i will not be letting anyone else look at his teeth or do any work on them, and i will also be passing on your name to anyone who needs an equine dentist, who understands and has great love for horses.
Truly amazing. You have an amazing gift with horses, and clearly love your work and willing to pass on helpful info.
We'll be seeing you in 6 months.

Thank you  Luke & Angela.



 Just to say many thanks fo visiting our yard so quickly on Saturday.
Myself and Gemma found you absoloutely fascinating and it was amazing how much we learnt about our horses just from thier teeth!!  Whoda thought it!
Both horses are much happier and Gemma was overjoyed to find she had steering and brakes when she rode yesterday.
THANKS!!! We will be recommending you.
Vicky Whitlock. 



Hi Kevin

I'd just like to thank you on coming out and giving my very nervous t.b. gelding the patience he needed to get his teeth done without sedation. I was blown away on how he was with you and your wealth of knowledge in all horsemanship, as were half the stable block watching.  The work you done on Luke was fantastic.  How Luke was communicating with you, you moved away, he came closer, he saw you as good place to be.  He also learned that getting his teeth done is not a bad ordeal, i am so pleased he was given a little patience and understanding to have this experience.
I have had Luke 4yrs and he has always been sedated by vets to get his teeth done, i can assure you that i will not be letting anyone else look at his teeth or do any work on them, and i will also be passing on your name to anyone who needs an equine dentist, who understands and has great love for horses.
Truly amazing. You have an amazing gift with horses, and clearly love your work and willing to pass on helpful info.
We'll be seeing you in 6 months.

Thank you 

 Luke & Angela East Lothian.


Hi kevin,


slightly late follow up 'thank you', but i just wanted to say how happy i was with your work on my ponies on 14 June - at the 'Field at Fitz'.  I appreciated your whole approach, and knowledge.


We followed your advice with the Grackle on Blue, who could evade the bit by moving his jaw,and my daughter has stuck with this bridle and it is working!  Also we can now 'hug' Pablo without him getting cross when we inadvertantly put pressure on his jaw during the 'hug'!


Many thanks,


and i will be booking a further appointment for them during the winter.


Emma Mason, Mantford Bridge.


Dear Kevin

 Thank you so much for being so brilliant with my beautiful but very stressy, nervous Johnny Be. He was not only calm and happy having his teeth sorted out by you, but stuck his head out of the stable watching in anticipation for your return as you collected more equpment from you bag!  Also, a huge thank you from me for giving me reasurrance that I wasn't being too soft with him, you cannot believe what a relief that was for me after being told so often that I was. I just loved watching you work with Johnny and seeing  the obvious total empathy you have with horses and the brilliant advice and help you gave me. Can't wait for your next visit to pick your brain yet again. I wish everyone who dealt with horses could be like you.


Thank you so much.


Barbara and Johnny Be. Newton Stewart.


Hi Kevin


Good to see you again recently and thanks so much for sorting Reg.  I know he didn't require too much dental work, but whatever you did it has already had an effect when I ride him.  He is much lighter in the mouth and not so resistant.  The Bach Flower Remedy you prepared has also helped him no end.  His field companion moved away the same day you saw him and he was obviously a tad stressed initially (although he has his other friends near him). However, with giving him the Bach Flower Remedy in the morning and evening, he is "chilling" out more and I even found him lying down in the middle of the field basking in the sunshine, which he hasn't done for quite a while.   Thanks once again for visiting Chasewood and I have recommended you to a couple more friends as I think you do a wonderful job and are so kind and patient with the horses.


Julie Clifford. Oxfordshire.


Heya Kevin
don't know if you remember me? You came and did bob the fjord and cruise the thoroughbred's teeth a couple of weeks ago. I just wanted to say thankyou, you have made such a difference! Cruise had been broncing people off and he's been ridden recently by anyone and everyone who all want a go as he's now an absolute angel and is enjoying his work so much. You were definitely right that it was his teeth causing all those problems, he's much happier in general now. Thank you also for being so good with the boys and explaining everything to us, was so interesting.

charlotte . Calgow Farm, Newton Stewart.


Hello Kevin

Steve here, Billy’s owner at Lyons Stables.

It was a pleasure to part with my cash to see you at work, sorry about the rain. Lynn & Abby had both said how good you were with Billy’s first visit, I was gutted I missed that one.

After seeing you with all the horses yesterday and how you treated each one with care and respect. I just wanted to say a big thank you for looking after Billy’s teeth. As an owner it was brilliant that you also took the time to explain everything as well. I can honestly say you will be the only one I trust to look after Billy’s teeth. Thanks you so much, you may use this on your website if you wish. J

Steve & Billy . Lyons Stables.


 Hi Kevin.

I just wanted to say thank you for the other day when you came to see to Shadow's teeth. Becky was really anxious prior to you coming, but you totally put her mind at rest with the way you handled Shadow. I really appreciated the time you took and the education you gave Becky and Rachel. 

Thanks, once again, look forward to your next visit and will be recommending you to everyone!




Helen Ward.


Hya kev.

Just to let you know that Denny is doing very well and now clearing all of his haylege up after your visit on monday, I cant begin to tell you how greatful I am.  Michelle with Molly was very impressed and hasn''t stopped talking about it so no doubt you will be getting lots of referals from her.  I think that you must be the most patient man i''ve ever seen work around horses and your knowlege knows no bounds.  Hopefully Denny wont be loosening any more of his teeth, lol. so we''ll see you in 6 months, and hopefully he will be a lot better behaved next time .

Thanks again.

 Andy and Denny from Woodhouse Farm Sunderland.


hi kevin,

just to say thank you very much for today a good job done, very good customer service , very pleased with the service you gave to the horses, my mum might be getting intouch do do her cob as due in next few months as i recomended you and told her how good you were with the horses  and we will proberly see you in six months time .

thank you very much again


Gemma Houghton.


Hi Kevin,
Just wanted to say thank you for your visit today, much appreciated! Ronaldo was very well behaved considering his past experiences have not been too positive.
You are a credit to the horse industry and I will not hesitate to call you again to carry out work with Ronaldo. I would also be very willing to reccomend you to friends and family.

Thank You. See you in July,
Alleysha & Ronaldo. x

Alleysha & Ronaldo.


Hi Kevin,


Just wanted to say a big  thank you from myself and Skye after your visit on Wednesday.  It''s only been two days since you came but I have really noticed the difference in her. She is wanting more cuddles than before and is a lot happier having her face and head touched.

The last couple of mornings there has also been some hay left, she usually eats it all so I believe she must be getting full now that she can chew her food properly. So hopefully now she will start putting some weight on (and save me some money!).

See you in 6 months.


Lindsay and Skye



 Hi Kevin
Thanks for coming over to us today.  Myself & Moses really enjoyed your visit which as well as being really worthwhile (especially for poor Moses''s teeth was also very informative too.
I can't tell you how glad I am that I came across your website and now you have found yourself 2 very loyal customers.
Moses was really good but im posative that it's down to you being such a Pro at your job.
I would not hesitate in recommending you to all my horsey associates.
All in All - it was great to meet such a lovely fella THAT KNOWS HIS STUFF! see you again in 6 months

Kerry Perkins & Moses, Pontefract. 

Hi Kevin
Just to say thank you from myself , Bugsy and Bartie.

I have owned horses for far too many years to mention and have never received such good and caring attention to my horses teeth and so much information to help me . The pony and cob took to you immediately and I think the cob was sorry when you had finished. They must both feel so much better now and I know so much more now about their mouths.

It is so nice to meet people who are so knowledgeable and enthusiastic on their subject and as a bonus has a real empathy with the horses.

See you next year and thanks Jane

Jane Christie, Newcastle on Clune. 

Once again many thanks for coming to a pony's rescue.

Jake went off into the field with his friends in a very contented and confident manner which is down to you and your patient and caring approach to his predicament.

I hope you managed to get away from the stables without too much trouble as I know you had made such a positive impression on those people who pounced on you for your expertise and patience as soon as you had completed your work with Jake.

As always you shared your skills with willing owners which is part of your care and charm.

Thank you for looking after Jake, his teeth and his mind, and we humans too.


See you in six months


All the very best.




Judith and Anthony and a happy Jake,


Buxton, Derbyshire.




Kevin came out to do our two Fell ponies today - something I was positively dreading after a very negative experience with a different equine dentist.

From the start Kevin reassured the ponies, and gave them plenty of breaks and allowed them to move around which made them more relaxed. The whole procedure was far less stressful for all concerned than our previous encounters with dentists.

He explained everything, even down to knowing that I had a dominant mare (was this guy psychic?) but it is amazing what you can learn from your horses mouth via Kevin!

The relief at finding somebody who interacts so well and naturally with horses is immense, and knowing that your horse is no longer in pain (you can feel the teeth before and after work) is very reassuring. Having her teeth done is now a positive experience that I''m actually quite looking forward to next time!

My usual bolshie stroppy mare was a different horse to when procedures are normally carried out.

If anyone is looking for a top class dentist for your horse I can wholeheartedly recommend Kevin.

Thank you so much!

Helen Bates, County Durham.


Hya Kevin,

hope ya had a safe trip back home, just to let you know WE WERE SO GLAD TO MEET YOU , WHAT IT STATES ON YOUR WEBSITE WELL THATS WHAT YOU DELIVER in a calm, confident manner and the horses welfare is top priority thank you so much for coming to see Abie and myself.  I will recommend your services 200% to anyone and thats after meeting you once you told me things about Abbie that I had picked up after our short time together, hopefully things will soon start to improve and will keep you updated on our journey together.

Will see you in January but speak well before then
Once again thank you

Tracy and family also Abbie.


Hi Kevin,  

Re: Brooke (Grey Mare) & Quillie (Bay Gelding) – Penshaw Equestrian Centre. 

Thank you so much for your time today.  I have learnt so much today regarding not only equine dentistry but also about the emotional state of my horse.  Thank you for your flower remedy which I look forward to trialling with my 16.3hh Belgian Warmblood ‘Quillie’. 

Quillie is a complex character and your ability to deal with him calmly and sensitively was greatly appreciated by both Quillie, myself and my family.   

We appreciate you taking time to explain things to the children too, they are eager to go in to school tomorrow to share their experiences with you today (bet their class mates don’t have such an exciting tale to tell – not many can boast of having their hand in the mouth of a big horse!!!).   

On behalf of the whole family, including the horses of course, we thank you from the bottom of our heart and look forward to continue working with you to achieve a more happier horse house! 

Kind Regards 

Dale, Nicola and family.


 Hi Kevin

Good to see you again.  Reg is eating far better already and hopefully will now gain a bit more weight throughout the summer.  He is riding far better now he's relaxed more so what with teeth sorted and new shoes he shouldn't be complaining!

Thanks for being so good with Reg - he's always so relaxed when he sees you even if it is teeth time!

 Kind regards

Julie Clifford Oxon April 09


Dear Kevin

Just to let you know that Max is in excellent form after your last visit.  He seems a different pony - now galloping from the bottom of our big field all the way up the hill to the shelter when I call him.   And finally some of the big thick coat is starting to come out!

What can I say but thank you so much for everything you have done to make his life so agreeable after what must have been a miserable time for him.  If you are able to work these success stories with lots of horses and ponies then you must feel a very happy and fulfilled man.


Penrose Lindsay and Max.


 Hi Kev,

I just wanted to say thank you for coming to see Bracken on Sunday evening.  I was really pleased with how it went.  The whole process was so much less traumatic for both of us than it was last year with the vet and a major bonus of not having to have him sedated.


I have been thinking about what you said regarding his amazing jaw crossing abilities and although he doesn''t grab the bit and run off with me, now I think about it he does use it to try and get his own way by evading the bit, when he wants to go in a different direction to me. i.e. Home! So I think I shall try him in a Grackle and see how we come on.


Once again thank you for coming to see us it was great meeting you and I think Bracken is definitely happy with his ''new teeth'' despite his initial reservations!!!! See you next year.


All the best




Pipa Mead and Bracken Kirbymoorside.


Hello, how are you?

This is Georgina Teece with the horse Whinny the little chestnut mare.  You came to see her a few months ago at Homefields farm in Maltby Middlesbrough.  I thought you would like to hear that she is back to her perfect self schooling better than ever! and I''ve been brave enough to hack her here, there and everywhere.  I''m hoping to do some more dressage competitions and also showjumping as we are both getting our confidence back together.  I cant tell you and thank you enough for how she is going.

Georgina Teece and Whinny.

Hi Kevin

 Many thanks for visiting Reg and taking the time to explain what problems he has.  He''s a happier horse already and eating is a lot better and he seems to have lost a lot of his stiffness.   He still resists the bit slightly but I think some of that may be past memories.  I am massaging him in the area you said and he enjoys that. 


Many thanks for explaining everything and being so good with Reg.


Kind regards


Julie Clifford  Oxfordshire.


 Hi Kevin

Thank you so much for all your effort with Gabby, all your care and patience is so overwhelming that I have never in my 30 years of owning horses come across some one that can relate to horses and owners and understand us both. Thank you for doing Hamish, Foxy and going over to Gabby at her college, I feel both my daughters and all the watchers today have learnt so much from you and have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone. 

I really believe that there are a lot of people out there who could learn so much from you, watching children in awe of you is fantastic as they will be the ones that will help change the future and how humans deal with horses.  I am amazed that even our good Hamish who is good at having his teeth done still had so many hooks and no one had worked on his canine teeth or told us he could unlock his jaw.  Just goes to show that some of the English training is not all it should be if some one does not really care about horses.

I can never really put into words what you have done for our best friends (horses and pony)

Michelle Fisher Leicestershire 15 October 08 **********************************************************************

Gem 4 yr old MinatureShetland

HI Kev.

Thanks so much for fitting all my gang in at the weekend.  Gem is doing so much better since you''ve taken over her care and hopefully this winter will be able to chew properly.  It was particularly nice to see her under no stress and not even tied up all of which happened to her before.  The fact that she remained in the shelter after your work on her teeth had been competed speaks volumes.


Cath Stevens, East lothian.


Hi Kev.


Just to say thanks for having understanding with Billy on Sunday.   Its been years since Bill has had any work on his teeth without firstly being IV sedated.    I was really impressed in the time and the  patient consistency you gave to him .   Billys  fear of the speculum has diminished due to you giving him the time, and the reassurance that it was always going to come off his mouth.


Thanks for being an excellent horseman.  Thanks for setting him up for success.  Thanks for creating the optimum learning environment for Billy,  this has helped his confidence so much!


Thanks again!  see you in February.


Alison and Billy.


Would just like to say a huge thank you for all your help today on Ellie, May and Murphy.  I feel like I have learnt a huge amount today and never realised how much her teeth were hurting her. We thought you were fantastic and a great help!! thankyou very much for all your help and advice.  Elaine, Kirsty, Chloe, Lisa, Ellie, Murphy and May.


Elaine Wilson.


Hi Kevin,

I have to say it was lovely to meet you on Wednesday and then again last night, the aura you give off to the horses (and owners) is truly calming and reassuring.

It was an absolute pleasure to watch a true horseman at work (we seem to be at a time now that comes to rely on gadgets and drugs and stronger and stronger reinforcement to force a sometimes terrified animal to submit, only causing further problems down the line).  Also at a time where everyone seems only too happy to take more and more money it was blatantly obvious that your work comes straight from the heart and that your eyes do not only see the pound signs...

Can''t thank you enough for the knowledge you provided us with, going through each stage with us step by step can only help us become better horse owners.. I can''t wait to ride Rosie as I now know she will be much comfier in her mouth.

Thanks again and hope to see you soon.  Take care.

Alison  (Rosies Mum) Maisondieu,  Brechin.


Hi Kev,

I want to say thank you so much for coming out to me at such short notice and for doing such an excellent job with my horses.  In a world where people are so quick to complain, I must tell you how impressed both Andy and I were with you and your service.

You have completely transformed Mayo''s life (the rescue pony with drastic weight loss).  She is eating like never before and has a spring in her step which I have never seen before.  The poor pony has had one bad thing after another and after you visited she seems like a different person.

I must admit that I was a bit sceptical about the flower remedies, but they are making the world of difference.  She is no longer having Bute, devils claw or any joint supplements, but she is moving better than ever and eating like mad.  She is also much happier in herself.

Thanks again and see you in 5 months.

Jo.                                                                                                          Joanna Dickens  remeirchion, Denbighshire.


Hi Kevin hope all is well. 

I was amazed at how calm Danny was for you.  Having been chased out of his stable by him and crushed into every wall it was nice to see him so relaxed as he normally does not like strangers. 

After seeing your work first hand  I doubt I would be happy using anyone else.  I read your site  about the flower remedies you use, and I feel many traumatised horses would benefit from them and by being with someone who is calm and confident that can give them good vibes and they know they are in good hands. 

I know that after what I've gone through with my first horse and then with Danny that a calm positive attitude helps the animal relax and even after watching what you did I felt pretty relaxed knowing Danny was happy so feel others would be too. 

I also learnt a lot from the methods you use and why and even looking at Dannys mouth I remembered a lot of what you said straight away.  He was happy today to stand there and let me look him over,  he even opend his mouth for me which I didnt expect at all. 

Vicki Sinclair and Danny (Dream Rescue) Newcastle upon Tyne.


Hi Kevin.

It was a real pleasure to meet you this morning.  We were completely blown away with the service you provided not just to Dreamer but to us.  The whole event was fantastic and to watch an expert at work and give so much time to communicating with the horse and ourselves was remarkable.  I will be in touch to book another appointment in 6 months time or if the need arises sooner.
Again thanks.

Berni, Steve, Hannah and Dreamer 

"Fred" Owned by Becce from Helston in Cornwall.
Image 1

"I first met Kevin while on a holiday at the Homeplace Ranch with my partner.  It was there I first started to realise the extent of this man''s knowledge.  After a recent visit to Cornwall to check on my Arab, his 2 field mates and a few other horses, Kevin has taught me more about a horse's dental care, than I ever knew in the previous 20 years!!  He's takes his time to explain what he's doing and why, in a way that you can fully understand. 

 He has also advised me on some Flower Remedies to use on my Arab to help with his rushing and impatience, which after only a few days, seem to be working.  With his obvious love for the horses and main priority their welfare, I highly recommend Kevin to anyone and everyone, I will not have anyone else looking after my horse's dental care!!! 

Kevin, you're amazing, brilliant . . .!"

Becce, Helston in Cornwall  ***********************************************************************

A few of the 130 horses from the White Stallion Ranch, Tucson Arizona

"Kevin is an excellent professional to work with.  He is pleasant, thoughtful, and very good at what he does.  Most importantly he is terrific with the horses and we needed to sedate far fewer horses than in the past with other professionals doing the same work.  We recommend him highly."


Russell True,  White Stallion Ranch, Tucson Arizona.


Hi Kevin. 

Thanks for coming all this way to work on my ponies, I hope you had a pleasant journey home.  It was a truly amazing experience for me and you have taught me so much in so little time (I wonder how much I''ll remember next time!).  I have never been around in the past when my horse has had his teeth done so I have never experienced it before.  You have a wonderful understanding of horses and the way you work shows that you care for the horses you work with and have extensive knowledge in what you do.

Jo Allenby Ripon *********************************************************************

Dear Kevin, 

Thank you for being so kind to Kitty on Sunday. Today, Monday, she is well.  She ate carefully but happily and without delay.  She lost very little food - just like a younger eater.  She also ate a couple of pounds of carrots easily.

Anthony sends a special ''thank you'' for looking after his ''old lady''.  He will make sure he is present next year - or before if we arrange a time for you to meet Jake.  Once again thank you for being so patient.

Best wishes,

Judith Milling and Anthony (Buxton Derbyshire)


Hi kevin, 
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your work with William today.  Your patience was amazing and I am absolutely delighted that at last I can again have a good dentist for Wills.
Hope you had a good journey back up North and I look forward to meeting up again in 6 months. Once again thank you, I am sooooooooo relieved that Wills will be more comfortable and it wasn''t in my head!!!!!.
Thank you and kind regards.

Claire Rowan (Bladon Oxfordshire) 

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